One of the best ways to keep warm is to use your fireplace for something more than a beautiful focal point. Lighting a fire whenever you’re home will help keep you toasty. Help turn that into a habit of making your fireplace easier to use.

A wood-burning fireplace is great to have, but there are drawbacks to using it daily. Hauling in wood, cleaning out ashes and vacuuming the mess you make are only part of the issue. The other concern is that you might need to run out for an errand, or get tired and want to go to bed— you can’t leave the fire burning. You have to wait until it burns out or extinguish it completely and light it again later.

Considering adding an electric fireplace insert to counter all of these issues. With an off and on switch, you can quickly run the fireplace to add extra heat without adding any extra work. You can leave the house or go to bed safely at any time by just turning it off.

It’s even possible to bring the warmth of an electric fireplace to a room that doesn’t have a fireplace at all. You can add an electric fireplace as easily as a new piece of furniture. They are sold in varying sizes to fit any space and have a surround and mantle to mimic the look of a traditional fireplace.