Fall gutter cleaning is one of the more important items of your Fall Home Maintenance. Failing to keep them clear can cause issues including water leaks at your foundation, premature rotting of wood trim, and even roof leaks.

Gutter seams can lose their seals over time. Checking for leaks is easiest during the rain, and staining at the seams can be an indication of a leak. There are several products you can use to seal leaking gutter seams, including caulk made for gutters.

Gutter downspouts can have seam issues as well. Make sure your downspouts are fastened to the house and properly installed - higher pieces should be fitted INSIDE the lower pieces (if they are inverted, water will flow out at the connection). If your downspouts are inverted, it's best to have them corrected rather than sealing the seams as the large volume of water flowing will cause failure quickly.