Homes are often dark on winter days. Even with the blinds up and the drapes are drawn back, there just isn’t enough sunlight to stream inside. The darker it is, the more dreary and cold you feel.
Brighten both your home and your mood by changing your lighting. You don’t need to replace lamps or light fixtures. You can just do an easy light-bulb change. Choose light-bulbs that are marked “daylight.” These bulbs help the lighting in your home better mimic natural sunlight.
If your home is still too dark, add some floor lamps or uplights in the corners of rooms. You can also hang small lights over artwork to highlight them. The overall effect brightens the room.
While you are putting daylight bulbs in your ceiling fixtures, make sure your ceiling fans are properly adjusted. In the winter, you’ll want to have the fan blade move clockwise. Since heat rises, the blades spinning clockwise will push the warm air back down.