A programmable thermostat is a smart move toward being warmer. It lets you allocate your energy dollars where you need them. Heating the house during the day when no one is home can cost a pretty penny. You may try to counter that by being frugal at night and turning the heat down, even though you need it.
With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule temperatures to automatically keep the house cool during the day and warm it up before you get home. It can also lower the temperature for a cooler sleeping environment and raise it again in the early morning, so it is warm when you wake up.
You can also be smarter by having your heater professionally serviced while the weather is still warm. As soon as it is cold, the service companies are swamped— you’ll be warm and comfy knowing your maintenance was already performed. Be sure also to keep a stack of extra air filters at the house. Mark on your calendar to replace them regularly so your heater performs well throughout the cold season.
If you are really energy conscious, you may want to think about adding solar panels to your home. Solar panels are an excellent way to capture the energy from the sun. The money saved in electricity can be used elsewhere to make your home more comfortable. Keep in mind that adding solar panels are a significant investment. While they offer an excellent return on investment as far as saving energy, don’t expect solar panels to dramatically increase home values.